Get Up and Do It

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Two weeks ago, a few members of our team were able to attend the Get Motivated Seminar, where speakers gathered at First Niagara Center to express their own personal stories and advice on how to become successful and knowledgeable in today’s economy. Speakers at the event included Billy Cosby, popular entertainer and comedian; Steve Wosniak, co-founder of Apple; Marv Levy, former NFL coach; and more.

All of the speakers at the event had different advice, much of which revolved around making more money, becoming more successful, and taking command of your life. Many spoke of the “secrets” to success and the knowledge needed to get rich quick.

But it was Bill Cosby who had the simplest advice, and perhaps the most useful. He told the audience that the secret to getting motivated can’t be found at an expensive seminar or hidden in the pages of a self-help book. The way to find personal success, according to Cosby, is to simply “get up” and “do it,” referencing lyrics to this popular James Brown tune.

Clad in a blue UB sweatsuit, Cosby said that these lyrics are the most important advice he could give people looking to get motivated. Coming up with an incredible idea isn’t the important part. “The greatest ideas,” he said, “mean nothing if you don’t get up and do something about them.”

Cosby’s words were simple, but effective – especially coupled with his friendly stage persona and sprinkled with his relevant comedic anecdotes. He was able to get the whole arena laughing, but he also made everyone think about his message.

The Get Motivated seminar was chock-full of advice on how to become knowledgeable, successful, and rich. But none of these things can ever be possible if you don’t act upon your ideas. So if you’re looking to get a jumpstart on a project, don’t wait for the push to come, and don’t wait until it’s too late. Take Bill Cosby’s advice… Get up and do it!

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