Get Into Our App Giveback – Vive, Inc. & The Miracle League of WNY

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Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Before you check out for the long holiday weekend, take a minute to learn about two more of our App Giveback finalists – Vive, Inc. and The Miracle League of Grand Island & WNY.

Vive, Inc. on the East Side of Buffalo provides food, clothing, shelter, and legal assistance for refugees. The facility, located at 50 Wyoming Avenue, has 118 beds for men, women, and children refugees of diverse backgrounds.

Vive (Viva La Casa – or “House of Life”) is the largest refugee shelter in the US, and has helped thousands of refugees find peace and safety on their journeys to freedom. Refugees and Vive residents are all known by the U.S. government and are working through the proper channels to become legal residents of either the United States or Canada.

Vive, Inc. provides people with the resources, support, and services they need to rebuild their lives after they flee from their homes.

The Miracle League of Grand Island & WNY is located at 1715 Bedell Road in Grand Island. The organization provides handicapped children and young adults with the opportunity to play organized baseball.

The Miracle League of Grand Island & WNY is a member of the Miracle League, a national nonprofit. The organization in Grand Island has a specially designed playing surface, concession stand, and wheelchair accessible bathrooms.

By giving handicapped children and young adults a chance to participate in a team sport, The Miracle League of Grand Island & WNY gives new meaning to “Field of dreams.”

To learn more about either of these wonderful organizations, visit their websites or click to learn more on our App Giveback contest page. Vote for your favorite finalist, share the news, and stay tuned for more nonprofit profiles!

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