Get Into Our App Giveback: Adoption STAR & Wings Flights of Hope

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With just a few weeks left to vote for your favorite nonprofit, we thought you might like to learn a little bit more about the nominees for our App Giveback contest – Wings Flights of Hope & Adoption STAR.

Wings Flights of Hope provides people in need with free air transportation for medical and humanitarian purposes. All pilots for Wings Flights of Hope volunteer their time, talent, and personal aircrafts to help patients get the best treatment available – “anytime, anyplace”.

Wings Flights of Hope is especially instrumental for transplant patients who may be on a strict deadline to receive organ transplants. Pilots for Wings Flights of Hope are on call 24/7 to ensure patients are able to get to medical facilities on time.

Many patients of Wings Flights of Hope have compromised immune systems, which oftentimes prevents them from being able to fly on commercial flights due to germs and scheduling. The organization covers flights in the entire northeast United States, with typical flight times ranging from 2-3 hours. The organization also supports the military, providing free flights to soldiers to get the medical attention they need and deserve, as well as providing free transportation to the families of wounded soldiers.

Patients of Wings Flights of Hope are able to keep oxygen with them and in use on all flights, and are also given the option to have family members join them on their flights free of charge.

The mission of Wings Flights of Hope is simple: to help people in need. In the words of the organization, “we are honored to be able to give someone a lift when they are down.”

Adoption STAR is a “compassionate and unique organization” located at 47 Plaza Drive in Williamsville, NY.

Adoption STAR is authorized in New York State, licensed in Florida and Ohio, and approved in Connecticut to provide Support, Training, Advocary and Resources to help families solve their adoption needs.

Adoption STAR creates “forever families,” providing education and support to all members of the adoption process (birth families, adoptees, and adoptive families) from childhood to adulthood. Adoption STAR provides both domestic infant and international adoption programs to a wide range of adoptive families – from married couples, unmarried couples, or singles – with or without children of their own.

The organization also provides services for birth parents who are not able to care for their children by providing a reliable adoption option with confidentiality, free counseling, 24-hour staff availability, open or closed adoptions, the promise of immediate placement, access to a birth parent support group, and more.

Whether you a pregnant and looking for support or looking to adopt, Adoption STAR has the resources you need to help.

Interested in learning more? Visit the organizations’ websites and check out their fellow nominees here. Help your favorite win a free custom app with our #AppGiveBack contest! Voting ends December 2nd, 2012.

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