Facebook & Google | David Vs. Goliath?

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You all know the story of David vs. Goliath, right? David was a common boy with big faith who fought and ultimately won against a feared Giant who was assumed to be untouchable (Goliath).

In this situation, picture Facebook as David. Rather, picture Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as David (it’s just more humorous that way). David is young, but eager. He moves quickly and adapts even faster. He keeps up with the more powerfeul platforms and has his fair share of victories (think Myspace). He’s innovative, intelligent, and brave. And now, he’s about to fight the biggest battle of his young life: facing Goliath.

Meet Goliath: Google +. Google is an internet powerhouse. It hosts the most popular search engine in the United States and has a large army consisting of YouTube, Picnik, Google Voice, and more. And now, Google + (Goliath) may just become to most popular social tool. Goliath is strong, experienced, and reputable. He is strong, popular, and surprisingly well liked. He has generated a ton of buzz with the announcement of the upcoming release, and from the looks of it, David might be shaking in his gladiator sandals.

What do you think? Does Facebook have what it takes to fight this powerful opponent, or will Google re-write history and come out victorious? I have a feeling it will take more than just one stone for David to knock this Goliath out.

2 thoughts on “Facebook & Google | David Vs. Goliath?”

  1. I actually think it’s the opposite! Facebook is experienced and huge! Google+ is young and and Google’s previous social networks failed badly. Facebook’s got 750 million users worldwide, I wouldn’t call that a David 😉 I think Facebook is in a way stronger position than Google+.

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