Bringing MySpace Back

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(^ See what I did there?)

Boy band heartthrob-turned-actor, Justin Timberlake, is trying to add another category to his resume: social networking maven.

Timberlake is the founder of the New MySpace website, “the social and music discovery destination powered by the passion of fans.” To simplify, the new site is a social media channel with a focus on music. Think Spotify on steroids (no offense, Lance Armstrong).

Out of curiosity, I revisited my high school glory days and created a new account on the site. But this time, MySpace Tom wasn’t there to help me along, and I’m not going to lie… I kind of wish he would have been.

Upon entering the site (after multiple glitches, may I add),  I was overwhelmed with selections to make and things to view, and under whelmed by the overall user experience. The site seemed more like an entertainment industry blog than a social media channel.

Confused, and a little bit frustrated, I tried to watch the “tour” video that was sent to my email, but it lacked a clear explanation of the purpose of the site, and after a few minutes of clicking around aimlessly and discovering a whole lot of nothing, I hit the “X” on my tab and went on with my day.

I wasn’t sure if it was possible, but the New MySpace was even more of a letdown than the MySpace I remembered. At least the old site conjured up an odd sense of nostalgia as you clicked through old braces-clad photos and immature comments between friends.

Maybe MySpace really is cool and I’m just not cool enough to realize its value, but if you ask me, JT should stick to the music and acting gigs and leave social media to the pros.

Have you checked out the new yet? I’d love to know your thoughts. Connect with  @QuinlanCompany on Twitter or leave a note in the comments below!

P.S: Since you probably have this song stuck in your head now, here you go.

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