Behind the Scenes

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Most people don’t realize the amount of work that gets put into projects for clients. Everything from social media sites (no, we aren’t going to give you another social media post) to print advertisements, brochures to branding campaigns takes a lot of planning, concepting, drafting, proofing, editing, proofing again, and so on.

There is a reason that advertising is ranked as the #9 most stressful job, according to

So, what REALLY happens at an ad agency?
The answer: A lot.

Client Meetings:
This is where it all begins. In this stage, a few people from the agency go to meet with clients about their advertising needs. From these meetings, we get an idea about the amount of work ahead. Let’s assume the client wants a print campaign. Where do we go from there?

The Concept:
Concept meetings are perhaps the most important part of advertising. In concept meetings, a group of people meets to brainstorm ideas. We like to call it “Green Light Thinking.” That means no negativity and anything goes. Sometimes, this gets a bit out of hand, but the most bizarre ideas usually turn into the greatest ones. From these concepts, we get the spark to create a successful campaign.

Graphic Design:
Graphic design is what makes our ads “pretty.” Our graphic designers turn words into pictures. Their Macs are always running and their schedules are always busy, but they always come through with beautiful work.


This is the meat of advertising. It’s everything you read on the billboards, in the magazines, on TV commercials. It’s everything you hear on the radio. From the concept session, our copywriters branch out to come up with slogans and text to go along with the ideas.

Client Approval:

Once the ideas are solid, the graphics are complete and the copy is written, everything is presented to the client. This determines what needs to be changed or added to fit the client’s needs.

When we get client approval, we go through and tweak the ad a bit more. The client will most likely have changes they want to see made. Usually, these are minor. Once we get the proper input, we give it to the graphic designers and then proofread the documents to make sure everything’s perfect.

But no one is perfect. After the copy is finalized, the copywriters go through to make sure no grammatical or spelling mistakes are made. We also check to make sure nothing is out of place on the ad. Then, with our changes, we give it back to the graphic designer.


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