We did it twice: Quinlan wins silver, bronze Telly Awards

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Great news for the Quinlan team — or should I say the award-winning Quinlan team? On Monday, April 13, we learned that we are the recipients of a pair of 2015 Telly Awards (including a coveted Silver Telly), which will look nice alongside the two Advertising Club of Buffalo Addy Awards that we won in March.

“It’s very exciting!” Frank Conjerti, Quinlan’s Creative Director, states. “It’s good for us, and our clients, to see that after all of the hard work, our projects are not only achieving our goals, but are doing so at a high level.”


We received a  gold Addy and a silver Addy award for our work with Northwest Bank’s 2014  television campaign for its MyNorthwest personal checking product.  The talent behind the winning work was our very own Director of Content Ben Kirst, Executive Vice President Dan Bartlo and Creative Director Frank Conjerti.

The team worked with cinematographer Chris Santucci, production expert John Takacs and dPost to create the light, colorful ads depicting humorous situations that call for the benefits of MyNorthwest.

Our winning work didn’t stop there. This past week, we learned that we were also the recipients of two Telly Awards; a prestigious silver Telly for our 2015 Show Reel and a bronze for our “Who Is Apple Rubber?” project.



The 2014 35th Telly Awards included over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries, which is why this year it is a rare honor to receive two Telly Awards for our work.

 The talented folks behind these projects include our VFX Producer MacLaine Russell, who created the motion graphics and 3D animation for the “Who Is Apple Rubber?” video.  That project was also supported by our creative team, including Conjerti, Kirst and copywriter Kristin Sullivan, who juggled the concept, script, visual effects, edits and post production.

 The 2015 Show Reel combined the masterwork of Conjerti and Russell. The reel features work by both artists, and the strategy for the piece was defined by Conjerti.

 We are working on more projects with our clients as the year continues and we want to continue to share them with you.  Be sure to subscribe to our blog for upcoming projects and tips on how to create brilliant content strategies for your next client.


Be sure to check out our winning projects for the 2014 Telly awards here!

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