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American Advertising Awards 2018: Bringing Home Some Hardware

Every year we dedicate ourselves to working with our clients to provide the best possible outcomes. And then we take a break to see if our peers in the ad community think we did a good job. Apparently, they did as we brought home five silver awards. Some Background: Located across the country, The American […]

mannys awards

We cleaned up big at the MANNYs this year

Each year, the MCAN group meets to collaborate and discuss trends, best practices and other issues facing the advertising industry. Oh, and they hold an event called the MANNYs where they shell out some pretty neat awards. Which we won eight of (but who’s counting?). Not familiar with the MANNYs? We’ll break it down for you.

content marketing myths

3 B2B Content Marketing Myths You Need to Know the Truth About

We know what you may be thinking already: Content marketing? There’s no place for that kind of frivolous marketing in the B2B world. But we’d beg to differ. Check out these four B2B content marketing myths you need to know the truth about.

grammar tips

Confessions of a Grammar Nerd: 5 Grammar Tips You Need to Know

It’s hard to market sloppiness, regardless of the field you’re in. That’s why we broke down these five grammar tips.

media tips

3 Ways Media Sales Teams Can Improve Agency Relationships

Back in October, our Media Director Malorie Benjamin had the privilege of sitting on a panel with other media experts across New York State for the NAB Show New York 2017. Here are her three takeaways.