Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Insights

abstract representation of everything you need to know about facebook insights

Do you ever wonder which section of your Facebook page consumers visit the most? Or what about the purchasing behaviors of the audience you’re reaching? Luckily, this kind of information is right at your fingertips. Facebook has an analytical tool known as Facebook Insights that provides users with important data to measure the success of Facebook ads, posts and general page popularity.

The more consumer insights you have, the better prepared you can be to deliver messaging that resonates with your audience. This tool is designed to combine and sort information regarding engagement, audience behavior, geography, reach and more. When it comes to marketing, Facebook Insights is a great tool to ensure you’re reaching your target audience and optimizing your budget.

If It Exists, You Can Track It

With Facebook Insights, you can track everything from likes and engagement, to reach and spend. This data is structured and displayed in a digestible style to give you a better understanding of how each Facebook post is performing. The key trackable items that are important to watch include:

  • Likes: This tab will display your page growth and popularity. Here, you can break down the amount of likes your page has received quarterly, monthly or daily, as well as filter through organic likes, paid likes and unlikes
  • Reach: This data will show you how far your posts are reaching organically and paid. You can break down positive and negative actions by your audience, such as comments, shares and hidden or reported posts
  • Visits: Find out the areas of your Facebook page that your audience visits the most, such as your timeline, info or photos
  • Posts: This tab will show you the types of posts that perform the best, as well as the most optimal times to post
  • People: Find out the demographic of your audience, including age, location and gender. This tab will help you determine if you’re reaching the right target audience

Once tracked, this information should be used to influence future marketing strategies to maximize engagement and effectiveness. If a particular message isn’t resonating with your audience, update it. If the audience you’re reaching isn’t interested in your content, rethink your targeting strategies.

Our Advice for Creating an Effective Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook ads and promotional posts are great tactics for creating immersive content that reaches a wide range of audiences. To create an effective facebook ad campaign, we have a few suggestions that will help reach your goals:

  1. Define a Campaign Objective: Make sure you understand the goals you want to reach and choose a campaign objective that supports that
  2. Know Your Target Audience: First, make sure your target audience is active on Facebook. Then, be sure to understand the demographics, locations and interests of your target audience
  3. Understand Your Target Metrics: There are always added value objectives for running Facebook campaigns, but it’s important to not be distracted by irrelevant metrics. For example, if your campaign objective is site traffic and you’re seeing more post reactions or engagements than link clicks, that tells you that your ads are not resonating with your audience and you may want to update the creative or messaging
  4. Test Creative and Ad Messaging if Possible: Testing alternative messaging or imagery will give you a better idea of what resonates with your audience. From there, you can influence the direction of future campaigns and optimize your budget

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