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So, You Wanted to Know About Branded Content

You watched it. You liked it. But, you probably didn't know that what you were watching was advertising, did you? And not just any advertising, it was “branded content.” And we're obsessed with it.

82% of Americans ignore online ads — which means it's time to do something different. Branded content is a special kind of advertisement that engages viewers through comedy, creativity, or just pure entertainment without pushing any specific products or brands. Viewers like branded content because they feel it's more consumer-focused without feeling like a sales pitch.

This type of advertisement works. By targeting the audience that best fits your brand, you can track your success through more than just the number of views. Through social media engagements, a branded content video has the ability to travel through the web, acquiring likes, comments, shares and more. Branded content is 2X more memorable than display ads, and this trend is continuing to grow over time.