Sahlen Packing Co., Inc.

30 Year Partnership

Established Local Market Dominance, Growing Into Regional Threat

Sahlen's has been a meat packing company specializing in world famous smokehouse hot dogs and deli meats since 1869.

Today, Sahlen's is a culinary cornerstone of Western New York; however, when our relationship began three decades ago, Sahlen's hot dogs were competing for local market share.

Sahlen's and Quinlan both recognized they had a superior product which consumers needed to taste to understand the difference. A grassroots strategy was adopted, giving away one hot dog at a time through radio live remotes and local sponsorship events to connect with the community they had been serving for over 100-years.

Over time, this strategy evolved to include major sponsorships, packaging updates, brand campaigns, and the expansion of their deli line beyond ham to include chicken, turkey, and other meats. As a result, Sahlen's became the market-leader in Buffalo and began to expand beyond Western New York - now being available in 30 states.

Make it Worth it

Make it. Worth It.

Launched first major creative brand campaign, “Make It Worth It”. Campaign was focused on positioning the Sahlen's Hot dog as the hero which brings your busy family around the dinner table. The campaign also nodded to the versatility of the product, highlighting recipes and exotic toppings. The full campaign included social, digital, traditional, and TV.

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Deli Photo Shoot

As Sahlen's footprint grew in WNY, we supported the launch of their expanded deli business through product shoots for usage in trade, collateral, and grocery store advertising.


Target customers and prospects within a 15-mile radius of Publix Grocery stores in Orlando, a new market. Goal of campaign was to drive in-store visits and increase brand awareness and consideration of Sahlen's hot dogs at Publix.



Partnered on expansion efforts beyond WNY and into midwest and south east grocery chains such as Albertson's, Harris Teeter, Publix and more.

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