Apple Rubber

AOR Since 1987

Evolved Into a Global Market Leader

Apple Rubber is the market leader for the design and manufacturing of seals and sealing devices
– servicing global needs across the automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Apple Rubber began their relationship with Quinlan in the 1980s with a postcard mailing.
Since then, Apple Rubber has continued supporting customers through new product launches, advancing O-ring and seal material science, and developing expert engineering services.
The partnership has grown and expanded into a full service relationship.

Seal Design Guide

Seal Design Guide

Quinlan and Apple Rubber produced the original Seal Design Guide in the 1980s. This guide quickly was identified by customers and competitors as the most complete guide on the market, and has continued to be so with every update.

Brand Videos

As an American-made business, Apple Rubber takes pride in onshore facilities and capabilities.
Quinlan identified an opportunity to showcase onsite capabilities through a targeted brand campaign.

Apple Rubber blog home page


As a commitment to thought leadership, Apple Rubber produces weekly blogs focused on engineering content for engineers. Apple Rubber's content program attracts millions of impressions and hundreds of thousands of site visits each year.

Apple Rubber academy device shots

Apple Academy

Based on the success of Apple Rubber's ongoing content program, Quinlan presented the concept of developing a certification program aimed at students and engineers. Apple Rubber Academy is a free, five-chapter certification course that allows users to sharpen their skills on rubber materials, sealing best practices and engineering quality.

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