The Best Bracket Bracket Challenge

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8 best March madness brackets that have nothing to do with basketball


Hey, the Madness ain’t over yet. I mean, some of us still have a “vested interest” in tonight’s championship game (let’s go Gonzaga!). To celebrate, we’re here to bring attention to some creative, weird and clever matchups that have nothing to do with basketball. Putting sports aside, we created our own bracket of the best brackets that this fad called the “internet” has to offer.  Starting with our Elite 8, we cover all things pop culture, food, humor and a sprinkle of politics.

Ready, set, April Madness.

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Matchup 1: Donald Trump vs. Best Animals on the Internet

Third Month Mania

The Daily Show created Third Month Mania to determine the greatest tweet of all time from President Donald Trump. The bracket encompases tweets to President Trump’s enemies as well as celebrities. From calling out the haters to spreading fake news, Third Month Mania broke down all of Trump’s best tweets based on the number of likes and retweets.


Marketing Madness: The Most Awesome Animals on the Internet Bracket

We couldn’t comb the internet and not end up with some cute animals, right? This year, Snap App used its marketing magic to make a bracket of the most awesome animals on the internet. By combining the participation of internet-savvy marketing pros (which the company says is key to the actual March Madness brackets) and the variability of the animals, Snap App created a timely bracket that got people involved – even if they didn’t pay attention to the basketball games playing on their office TV.  And spoiler alert: cats eventually reigned supreme in this showdown.


Our Winner: Donald Trump

Humor wins our hearts with round one. Although cute puppies and kittens tend to rank high in search, this time our President wins the popular vote.


Matchup 2: TV Couples vs. TV Theme Songs

2017 TV Couples March Madness Challenge

Zimbio, known for spreading news about television and entertainment as well as curating some amusing quizzes, created its very own 2017 TV couples bracket. The ultimate winners were Clarke and Lexa from the hit television show Shadowhunters.


Bracket Madness: TV Theme Songs Bracket

For The Win set out to determine the best TV theme songs (hitting us all hard with a hammer of nostalgia). Polls opened with hits from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Saved by the Bell, The Addams Family and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Will Smith took home the gold as the first bracket winner of best TV theme song for the Fresh Prince, beating out Cheers.


Our Winner: TV Theme Songs

Sometimes all you need is the theme song of your favorite tv show to get you through the day. Hey, remember the jingle to our agency sitcom?


Matchup 3: Fast Food vs. Bar Food

March Madness: Bar Food Brackets

What better way to celebrate March Madness than with delicious bar food? Since Buffalo’s well-known for having great spots to eat and drink during March Madness, we were excited to see how well this bracket would perform. Created by Eat This, the Best Bar Food bracket was the perfect way to nominate your favorite bar bites without consuming all of the calories – unless you already have, that is. Sweet potato fries came in as the final winner as it battled against a grilled chicken cobb salad.

Because you don’t win friends with salad. And we’ll take the carbs.

 2017 Fast Food Bracket

Craving something salty? Fast food lovers beware – this bracket may make you hungry. For the Win and USA Today Sports created the 2017 Fast Food Bracket to determine which chain would be crowned the best in America. Voting was easy for this one – choose based on your favorite meal, beverage or even cost and convenience. The final matchup was Firehouse Subs vs. Five Guys, where Firehouse Subs took home to trophy as the best fast food champion.


Our Winner: Fast Food

With a number of employees suffering from fast-food addiction, it only makes sense to go with our guts on this one.


Matchup 4: Hot Dogs vs Wings

Hot Dog Madness

Let’s face it, you can’t truly experience a baseball game without a good hot dog. That’s why the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council wanted to find the best hot dog in the Major Leagues with the 2017 Hot Dog Madness bracket. The ultimate winner, chosen by fans, was the Boston Red Sox.


2017 Chicken Wing Tournament 

While we may be known for Sahlen’s hot dogs, Buffalo is also well-known for our amazingly wings. This year, Buffalo Eats decided to cook up their own bracket for March Madness with their 2017 Chicken Wing Tournament. The tournament ended with Bar Bill Tavern reigning as best place for wings.


Our Winner: Hot Dog

Although we come from the land of delicious Buffalo wings, we’re choosing hot dogs for this round. It may be our undying love for Sahlen’s shining through, but it’s a less-messy, delicious option for most sporting events and you can top it with anything you want. Even KFC. (Notice a trend?)


Championship Round

Boy, what an exhausting first round. After a quick and painless Final 4, we decided TV Theme Songs and Fast Food will battle for the Best Bracket Bracket Championship.

And the winner is…

For The Win’s 2017 Fast Food Bracket is our Best Bracket Bracket Challenge champ this year! To celebrate, we welcome everyone to dive into a bucket of their favorite fried goodness while they watch the real-life title game.

Want to talk fast food or basketball? Or we can get back to work and talk advertising if you’d like. Tweet us @QuinlanCompany and follow us on Instagram @QuinlanCompany.

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