Connection is Key

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There are countless ways to create a stimulating, effective advertising campaign. That’s the fun part. But before you can start creating, you need to find your audience. Who are you trying to reach with your message, and how do you find them?

There are a few basic ways to target an audience:

Conduct Surveys.
This is the main “jumping off” point. Come up with a concrete list of questions to ask a random sample of people. These questions should be geared on personal likes, interests, and characteristics.

Search the Web.
Social media (as we all probably know by now) is a fast, usually simple way to reach an audience. There are some great websites that aid in helping companies find their viewers. The most common is using a search engine such as Bing, Yahoo! or Google. Simply type your company/brand/product name in the search, and you will most likely find a few people writing, or asking questions, about it. Another website for those interested in social media rather than simply Internet advertising is youropenbook. With a simple search, you can view an up-to-date database of Facebook status updates consisting of your keyword(s). From here, you can connect with these people by becoming their “friend” or sending them a message asking about their experiences or answering any questions they may have.

Use Magazines, Newspapers & Outdoor Advertising.
Magazines, newspapers, and billboards are still some of the best ways to find an audience. By placing advertisements in certain print publications or billboards and providing readers/viewers with contact information for questions or comments, you can measure the amount and frequency of responses to find how often your audience is consuming this media.

If an advertisement is released, and your audience doesn’t see it, does it make a difference?

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