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5 Popular Podcasts You Should Download Right Now

Last week, Michelle Miller Levitt, CEO of Too Much Neon, Buffalo’s first professional podcast service, visited Quinlan to discuss the impact of podcasting on content marketing. We learned a ton about Too Much Neon’s services — and even more about the benefits of podcasts. Let’s talk podcasts According to Edison Research, 98 million Americans have […]

60 easy ways to be a digital NFL fan on the cheap

If you’re an NFL fan who is too cheap — or too smart — to pay big money for cable or a dish, here are 60 ways to follow the game on and off the field.

Are you ready for Mobilegeddon? The Top 3 Things to Know About 4/21

Prepare yourself for Google’s Mobilegeddon! Find out how to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

Women in technology

Women in tech, and why it matters to the ad industry

Ad work increasingly depends on the ability of programmers to bring ideas to life in digital and mobile environments. If agencies struggle to find qualified candidates because a huge segment of our population does not participate in the field, the industry will pay — literally — for the dearth of talent.

A Closer Look at Instagram Terms of Service

Back in September, it was announced that Facebook had purchased Instagram for roughly $1 billion (chump change for CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has a net worth close to $10 billion). With news of the acquisition, most fans of the app realized that changes to privacy settings and app functionality were inevitable.