SEO | Creating Content to Boost Search Engine Optimization


Social media specialists, content builders, and “gurus” (please don’t call yourself a guru) are, for the most part, complete word nerds.

They know how to format a sentence in the proper structure based on who is reading it and where they are reading it from (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). But, do they know the right words to use? When it comes to readability, yes (or at least we hope so) – but what about getting the content picked up in search engines?

It’s so important to learn, know, and improve on writing for SEO – especially now that more companies are stepping into the social media world.

If you work in social media, or even if you’re just starting to have an interest for the field, now is the time to get educated on writing for the web!

Here are a few super simple ways to enhance your online presence:

• Use keywords, relevant links, and photo captions

• Focus on writing good headlines, including your main keywords

• Don’t “stuff” keywords. Using the same words too much is actually a turn-off for search engines

• Use other on-topic language. The more related content, the better.

Most importantly, remember that practice makes perfect! If you still need help understanding the basics, search for SEO webinars. There are plenty of useful, free resources to help you along.

Quinlan’s 24th Anniversary Video


Behind the Scenes with our Interactive Developer, Frank Conjerti

To celebrate our 24th anniversary at Quinlan & Company, we had an idea that went far beyond the traditional self-promoting e-card.

To achieve this, we decided to create an engaging and exciting video e-blast involving some of Buffalo‘s most recognizable landmarks…with a twist. We would place our clients’ logos in unexpected places that would be sure to take them by surprise!

From the eyes of a tourist – Different members of our team took turns visiting downtown and other areas of our favorite city. Easy, right? Then the hard part came.  After pouring over the footage of the landmarks, it was time to push our technology to the limit.

Thankful for powerful tools – To track the footage, we used Mocha for AE. Mocha is a 3D planar tracking utility that works seamlessly with Adobe After Effects to track not only an objects position, but its scaling, rotation, and movement on a 3D plane, even if the object is partially cut from the scene.

Many of these scenes were a challenge to track due to the shaky shots and the angles of the buildings. It was even more difficult to track the shots taken from a moving vehicle. With Mocha and a lot of patience, we were able to track every scene with near perfection.

Amazing Technology – The next step into our 24th Anniversary video was to use the tracking data from Mocha and implement it into After Effects. After years of working in AE, I am still amazed at the new tools I learn from exploring and just “playing around” inside the program. From compositing and color correction, to rotoscoping and particles, this project was filled to the brim with After Effects.

Almost there – After editing the footage to music, we added some introductory titles using Trapcode Particular to create some cloud-like text reveals. Once the initial video was cut, we began to insert the logos.

Finishing Touches – Once the logo was in place for many of the scenes, it was simply left to effects and a few other “tricks” to match the logos to the footage as closely as possible.  For a few other scenes, a more dimensional or electronic look was needed. These were definitely the most fun shots we had to work with using tools like CC Ball Action, DigiEffects FreeForm and Blender.

We were very happy with the final product, which showcased some new tools in the Quinlan arsenal.  Take a look at the finished video and let us know what you think!

The Life of An Intern–#1


An “intern-view” with Ian Forsyth, one of Quinlan’s four new interns.

What school do you go to and what year are you?
I go to Yale University. I am a junior.

What is your major and what made you pursue that path?
Computer Science.  I had great computer teachers all through middle school and high school that gave me a support system for questions and independent learning outside the classroom.  When I got to college, same thing.  Incredible professors in addition to fellow students who shared a passion for computers made majoring in CS an easy decision.

How did you find out about Quinlan & Company?
When looking for summer internships, I went through the Business First Buffalo Book of Lists.  At 11:00 pm one evening I sent resumes off to the top 10 web design companies and Quinlan was the first to get back to me, 5 minutes later.

What department are you interning with and who is your Boss?
IT – Ryan DiMillo

What is your favorite experience so far?
My first day I went to lunch with the rest of the IT department, which was a lot of fun.  I also got to sit on a design meeting where we discussed what the new Duff’s website will look like.

What made you interested in the agency setting?
I wanted to take this summer and explore a couple different ways computer science can be applied to the business world.  The agency setting is just one of those options.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned so far?
I’ve been working on developing an iPhone app for one of our clients.  So, I’ve basically been learning a programming language as I go along.  That’s been challenging, but the learning experience and knowledge is valuable as a lot of industries turn towards mobile computing.

What do you hope to learn in the future while working at Quinlan?
I want to eventually finish this iPhone app, that’s the main thing.  Other things include search engine optimization and web site design, layout, and programming.

Sites vs. Experiences


As a young college student and consumer who grew up on Internet and cable television, it takes something really interesting and very relatable to catch my eye. With the little experience I do have with brand marketing and advertising, I do realize that not every brand has caught up to my generation’s standards for how they should market to us.

On the other hand, there are some who have seemed to master it. Here are a few of my favorite brands, and why:

• Real Housewives of New Jersey. The only thing that could make Bravo TV’s hit wonder better is the chance to talk about it with thousands of other fans online —and the fact that you have to “like” RHONJ’s Facebook page to have a chance to participate in exclusive webcasts makes it almost like a club. Members only!

• Starbucks. It wasn’t until my principles to integrated marketing class that I realized how great Starbucks’ Facebook page was. Starbucks’ Facebook aims to make life easier for the everyday coffee drinker. With the option to reload your Starbucks card online or find where the closest Starbucks is, it’s all about convenience.  They have basically combined their website with their Facebook page to create one of the best integrated sites I’ve seen! 

• Ann Taylor Loft. No purchase necessary, no trying on clothes, just a free and very appealing offer. That’s how one of my favorite retailers caught my eye! The chance to win products is always exciting to me, but I’m apt to click the “like” button if I’m actually interested in who is offering the prize.

• Oreo. If anyone knows how to market a brand over Facebook, it’s Oreo – and I’m not only saying that because I would stuff my face with them if I had a chance! It’s purely because they have taken “social” to the next level. They offer the chance to be “Oreo’s World Fan of the Week,” display multiple recipes that contain Oreo’s, and they ask questions you would have never even thought about asking. They make Oreos an experience rather than just a brand. Over 20,000,000 people “like” them. Either they’re hypnotizing their customers with double-stuffed deliciousness, or they really know what they’re doing!

It takes a lot more than copying and pasting an entire website and putting it in Facebook format to make a successful brand page. It’s about being interactive with your audience, while giving them a slight touch of exclusivity. It’s about being fun and creating experiences. How would you keep consumers glued to your Facebook page?

If you have any other examples of brands “doing it right” on Facebook, leave them in a comment below!

Are Brands Using Facebook To The Fullest?


When it comes to Facebook, having an account and using it to its full potential are two different things.

Brands often find themselves making simple, common mistakes that harm the greatness that Facebook has to offer. So how do you avoid these mistakes and harness the power that Facebook has to give?

• First off and most importantly, understand that Facebook is a community. There is no “I” involved. It’s a “we” relationship that involves, like any other relationship, two-way communication.  When consumers post comments/questions/feelings on a brand’s page, it opens the door to new relationships!

• Know your audience. Getting to know the demographic isn’t about talking to them, it’s about talking with them. Reply to posts, continue on discussions, and help the consumer realize they are the main focus!

• Ask, don’t tell. Asking questions is a great way to getting to know who the consumers are. Starting off with a simple question is a great way to spark conversation. People love the chance to talk and voice their opinion.

• Keep them coming back for more! Facebook has the capability for more than posting comments or pictures. Brands can link their blogs to Facebook, post videos, or even post links to other social media channels. Just make sure you don’t spread yourself too thin by dabbling in too many outlets.

• Lastly, it’s okay to be human. Consumers would rather put a face to a company by connecting with them on a more personal level. Use humor, update viewers of who your workers are, and create small talk.

All of these strategies make it easier for the consumer to communicate with you.

Crossing into the realms of Facebook can be daunting and confusing, but if simple steps are taken, brands can prosper from the opportunities Facebook presents.