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Over the past 30 years, Quinlan has worked with hundreds of small and mid-size businesses, each with their own unique challenges to solve. Each business though is inevitably seeking the same goal – growth.

Your vision, for your company, is important to you. Our team honors your vision through informed strategies, collaborative planning, and by being respectful of your budget.

We believe that marketing your business and advertising its values is a discipline that needs to be practiced for long-term growth. By focusing on our core capabilities, we keep it simple for you and your team.

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Developing a strategy begins with your business today vs where you want to be tomorrow. Through interviews with key stakeholders and key clients, competitive analysis, and an audit of marketing and sales processes, we identify opportunities for growth and how best to approach the market.

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With an informed strategy, we partner on developing/refining your brand identity: Who you are, what you sound like, what you look like, when and how you react to customers and prospects.

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At Quinlan, we believe in quality content which puts a greater emphasis on embracing your strategy – communicating what's most important to your prospective customers, when to share, where to post, and how best to present it (video, whitepapers, social posts, email programs, blogs, tools, websites, etc.)

We see content as the evolution of “creative” for the digital age and we know with quality content comes quality leads and better business opportunities.

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Once the strategy has been defined, our Media team begins the process of evaluating your target and where best to find them based on your goals. Whether it be through trade, Social, PPC or other outlets – we take a data-driven approach to maximize your media spend where we expect the best results.

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