Is Radio Advertising Right For You?

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Radio advertising. You know the jingles and hear the slogans, but how do you decide if radio advertising will work for you?

Why it Works…

Targets a Specific Audience – Rather than placing a print advertisement or advertising on the Internet, radio advertisements can be directed towards very specific markets. At risk of sounding prejudice, here are a few examples. Teens usually listen to pop music, middle-aged adults listen to contemporary rock and classic hits, the 60+ age group listens to “oldies” and people from the country listen to country. Once you know who you want to hear your message, you’re golden. Radio stations will usually give you a demographic listing for their exact listener databases. Use it!

Cheaper than TV Ads – A 30-second radio spot can be as little as ½ the price of a TV ad of the same length. When your message doesn’t necessarily need images, radio is your best friend.

Allows for Reinforcement – Unlike other advertising methods like print, radio ads can reiterate your main message without being obnoxious and “in your face.” For example, if you say your company name in the beginning of your radio spot, you can say it again in the middle, and again at the end (the rule of 3’s).

How We Create Spots:

Establish the Message – First things first, we need to find out what your message is. This is our starting point. Once we get a bit of information from you, we see what tone would work best for your spot. Should it be funny, serious, somber, exciting, edgy, all of the above?

Create the Script – Remember that “Green Light Thinking” post from a few weeks ago? Insert those steps here). Our ideas from Green Light Thinking sessions eventually get passed along to the copy department, where our best concepts are put into action, in the form of words. Pending approval of the client, we move onto the next step.

Find Talent – We put ourselves in the shoes of American Idol judges, searching for the perfect voices to effectively communicate your message. We work with local talent, as well as international talent agencies to find the best characters to fit the tone of the spot. Whatever it takes to make your radio ad great, we do it.

Record – This is our favorite part, seeing our hard work pay off. When the message has been approved and the talent search is over, we head to the recording studio to bring it all together. Here, music is added to the background, jingles are made (if needed), voices are tweaked, and your polished spot is ready to hit the airwaves.

Remember…producing radio advertisements is fun, but it also takes a lot of work. Researching your target market and audience is the key to getting your message heard. Innovation and fresh content will stand out to your listeners and make you more memorable than the monotonous, boring radio ads clogging up the airwaves. Radio spots only work if they keep the listeners from turning the channel. Be creative!

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